To ensure best possible quality and stability of the broadcast we recommend using a direct LAN connection (as opposed to wifi). 

  • Make sure before beginning of the conference that the audio and video quality of your PC/laptop is sufficient 

  • Check if you've installed the latest version of your browser 

  • We do not recommend using Internet Explorer for connecting to the conference and remind you not to have too many tabs open in your browser 

To ensure a smooth (technical) course of events during the Erasmus Course, should you plan to participate via a work device (PC, laptop) over a company network (e.g. clinic, firm) or if you're using a rented device, please arrange with your IT department prior to the congress to confirm the following: 

Following ports must be open: 

  • Port 443 (https) 

  • As back-up also Port 80 (http) 

JavaScript must be activated in your browser. 

Following domains must not be blocked by your firewall: 

  • Domain of the congress platform: https://erasmus-course.org/ 

  • Domain for programme management: program-management.conventus.de/  

  • Domain for verification: *.conventus-apps.de  

  • Participant chat: chat.www.https://erasmus-course.org/ 

  • Support chat: support2.conventus.de  

  • Live-streaming: 

    • vimeo.com  

    • cdn.livestream.com  

    • api.new.livestream.com  

    • playback2.akamaized.net/*  

    • playback.akamaized.net/*  

    • livestream-f.akamaihd.net/*  

    • secure-playlist.livestream.com/* 

Please make sure that your browser and operating system are able to support Vimeo playback (here). 

As active participants (conference chairs/speakers): 

  • Please make sure your browser and operating system support Zoom

  • Please make sure you have installed the Zoom-client for meetings

  • Please make sure that your internet connection can reach at least 2 MB/s in uploads and at least 4 MB/s  in downloads. You can test your connection speed here

  • Please make sure you have good audio quality and you can be heard properly. You can check your settings beforehand here. You will achieve the best quality when using a headset. 

  • It is advised to use a laptop or desktop PC to ensure an optimal presentation. However, the use of a mobile device (mobile phone or tablet) is also supported by our software. 

Further information on the schedule of the sessions can be found below. 

General guidelines 

  • Only use your real and full name for the congress unless your pseudonym is commonly known. 

  • You can of course set up a profile picture (ideally portrait picture of yourself where your face isn't hidden) so other participants can find and contact you easier. 

  • Recording presentations in any way (video, audio, screenshots) and the distribution of such materials is strictly prohibited. 

Chat & conversation guidelines 

  • Meeting each other with politeness and mutual respect are our highest priority. 

  • Please follow the directions and information from the conference chairs 

  • Personal insults or insulting comments of any sort within the chat are prohibited and will be deleted immediately 

  • Spam and unauthorised advertisements are also prohibited and will be deleted immediately 

The organisers reserve their rights to exclude any participants violating any of the guidelines from the congress. 

We will do our best to make all sessions available to you online.  

Congress materials are available for you after the event at https://erasmus-course.org

You can then view all presentations individually until Septmeber 16th 2023. Please remember that it is up to the authors to decide if their presentations can be made available after congress. This may lead to gaps within the programme. Please also know that visiting the congress page for materials after the event is not included in  certification processes and will not be acknowledged and certified. 

Speakers and congress chairs will be connected live to all sessions (from Radolfzell or online). You can ask questions via the chat during the presentations. At the end of each presentations the chairs will view all questions and read them out loud for the speakers to answer. For further conversations you may use the congress chat room at any time. 

You can contact us directly via the chat icon you can find on every congress website. 

The participation in the digital Erasmus Course on Ticks and Tick-borne Diseases is also certified.  

Please make sure your email address is correct and indicate in your profile which certification you require. Certificates of attendance will be created a few days after the congress according to the information in your profile and will be sent out separately via e-mail. 

Please be reminded that viewing on-demand content and materials will not be part of the certification.  

If you need a certification from the LÄK (Landesärztekammer) please contact us via erasmuscourse2023@conventus.de.